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  The history of the villa "L'Union" in Saint Lunaire



Baudy brothers, Isidore and Alphonse move as a builder in 1902. They buy the land on which they build houses they will thereafter rented and engaged in the development of the seaside town of St Lunaire. The "L'Union" and "L'Accord" are, Isidore and build the Alphonse the "l'Accord".

L’union and l'Accord to 1910. The union and the agreement to 1910. This photo taken for the main branch of Dinard and appears on the prospectuses of the agency to the 1910s (from the book "Regards d'Emeraude"). On the left you can see the Villa "Les Deux Frères"
Famille Baudy

The family and Isidore Alphonse Baudy front of the villa « Les deux frères »


In the Baudy family, the two standing son of Isidore and Alphonse are also called Isidore and Alphonse we see them next to their respective fathers in the picture. They will continue the activities of their parents, Isidore as a carpenter and Alphonse as an builder. Isidore's son, Raymond, will return to St Lunaire in 1948 to continue the activities of the family Baudy. He bought a parcel of land between St Lunaire and St Briac which will serve as a career for his buildings to be operated until the mid-1950s.

Les Deux Freres

The Villa « Les Deux frères »

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